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Anal Butt Plug Guide

Anal Butt Plug Guide

Millions of people love anal sex. Are you one of them? If anal sex is new to you, you may enjoy trying out a butt plug. Anal sex toys make anal sex much more fun, and they are very easy to use.

Why Use Butt Plugs?

People use butt plugs in four different ways:

* Anal sex is an even more spectacular experience when you use a butt plug. To properly enjoy anal sex and to make it more comfortable you need to relax your sphincter muscles and butt plugs enable you to do that. Butt plugs also make vaginal intercourse much more comfortable and exciting by helping her relax her vaginal muscles.

* Using butt plugs stimulates the anus because it is filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings. Prepare properly for vaginal intercourse and anal sex with a cracking butt plug.

* Prepare the rectum and anus for penetration by using butt plugs. When you use a butt plug the tight sphincter muscles relax so that a butt plug, penis, or other object may enter smoothly and easily. You’ll be very aroused by the incredible sensations you feel when you insert a butt plug or penis in the anus and rectum.

* It’s been known that women have very intense orgasms when using a butt plug. Having vaginal intercourse while using a butt plug makes arousal much stronger. Men have more sensitive and harder erections when they use butt plugs during intercourse. Their penises are stimulated when they use butt plugs.

Choosing A Butt Plug

Important characteristics to consider when choosing an anal butt plug are shape, size, and colour. Width and size will be very vital to you if you are new to the delights of anal sex. Begin with a slim, small butt plug because it will slip in with more ease and feel more comfortable. You would prefer a larger, thicker butt plug if you are an experienced and advanced user. Men and women with anal sex experience prefer bigger and thicker butt plugs.

Everyone from beginner to advanced enjoys using butt plugs because they come in many different shapes and sizes. Butt plugs that are perfect for the inexperienced are slender and smooth. Those with more experience enjoy big, thick, and even noduled butt plugs. The more experience you gain, the more likely you are to want to use butt plugs of different shapes and sizes. Start out with a slim, small one and work your way up to thicker, bigger, and more rounded ones as you get used to the sensations of anal sex. When you have reached the pinnacle of anal bliss, you will adore the gigantic butt plugs that make you feel filled up and then some.

Whether you are looking for non-vibrating or vibrating butt plugs, we carry both. You will love the feeling of a vibrating butt plug up your bum as you masturbate or have intercourse. The vibrating butt plug will make your sexual experience much more powerful, your arousal will feel more intense, and you will have the most incredible orgasms.

How To Use A Butt Plug

Butt plugs are a breeze to use. Most important, always use copious amounts of anal lubricant when using a butt plug. Your anus is not naturally lubricated so you need to use a lubricant made particularly for anal sex when inserting your butt plug. We carry many different types of anal lubricant. Your butt plug will slide in easily with the help of anal lubricant. Anal lubricants also help to prevent tearing or bruising of your anus and rectum.

So now you are ready to use your butt plug. Slather on lots of anal lubricant onto the butt plug and in and around your anus for ease of entry. Once the butt plug is ready, move it gently around your anus as you slowly insert it. Move slowly and don’t rush things. Butt plugs are flared at the base so that they don’t slide in too far, making removal impossible. The flared base protects you and holds the butt plug in place. Use your sphincter muscles to clench and release around the butt plug. This exercise will make your sexual arousal more exciting and intense. Enjoy intercourse, masturbate, or engage in other sex play with the butt plug in place. You may also slide it in and out very gently for added pleasure. When you use a butt plug you’ll see that your orgasms are stronger and this includes using vibrating butt plugs. Once you are spent, clean your butt plug very well and dry it with a clean towel. Store it in a dry and clean place. When you’re ready to use it again, there it is, ready and waiting for you.