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Beginners Anal Sex Toy Guide

Beginners Anal Sex Toy Guide

Why Are Anal Sex Toys So Popular?

Anal sex toys are popular because anal sex rocks! Your arousal will be phenomenal when using an anal sex toy simultaneously with penile or vaginal stimulation. Anal stimulation is absolutely wonderful! There is no reason to be appalled or disgusted by anal sex since there is nothing taboo or gross about it.

Anal sex toys are beauties to use. Not only do anal sex toys feel fabulous, an anal sex toy will give you much more exciting orgasms. If you massage your prostate with an anal sex toy, expect to have an intense, out-of-this-world orgasm. Buy a few anal sex toys and ignore the tut-tutting from society that views anal sex as icky. People speaking against the pleasures of anal are missing out on a great deal of scorching hot sex. So get your sex toys now and enjoy them!

Anal Sex Toys Explained

Anal sex toys are enjoyable and easy to use. Below is a handy guide to some of the most popular anal sex toys out there. An anal sex toy is frequently broader at the base to prevent it from being sucked deep into the rectum, which is not a good thing. Other anal sex toy include rings so that you may easily pull them out, especially when you come which makes your orgasm much more high calibre.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are delightful, little anal sex toys with broad bases so they fit easily into your anus without disappearing into your rectum. Enjoy small butt plugs for beginners and large ones for those with more discerning palates. Materials include jelly rubber, glass, and silicone. You will get a much more intense anal experience from a vibrating butt plug.

Prostate Massagers

If you want to try prostate gland milking, you need a prostate massager anal sex toy. Prostate milking is good for prostate health and it feels incredible. Men who have tried it report very phenomenal orgasms. Prostate massagers are designed to very specifically massage the prostate gland and you’ll notice the power when you use one. Enjoy explosive sexual stimulation when you use a prostate massager as an anal sex toy.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are strings of beads in graduated sizes that you slip into your anus. Use the ring at the base to hold the beads in place and to pull the beads out of your anus when you have an orgasm. Your orgasm becomes much more intense when you pull anal beads out while you’re coming. Popular anal beads are made of many different types of materials including metal, silicone, and jelly. Choose a small size if you’re a beginner or a large size for more discerning anal customers. Anal beads are enjoyed by many anal sex lovers and they are very pleasant to use.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators can’t be beat! They come in many sizes including small for those new to anal pleasure and big and thick for experienced anal sex lovers. Everyone should have one or more anal vibrator in their sex toy arsenal. You will adore your anal vibe! The vibrations will relax your sphincter muscles, making anal play much more pleasant. You’ll love how anal vibrators feel since they come in many shapes, styles, and materials. The vibrations range from a slow vibe to a roaring hum. Enjoy a hefty orgasm with your anal sex toy.

Anal Dildos

You can’t go wrong with a classic anal sex toy like an anal dildo. Anal dildos are available in many sizes, shapes, and colours. You can find anal dildos made of jelly, glass, and silicone. Prepare your anus for fabulous anal sex with an anal dildo. There are many different types and no limits to the types of anal dildos available. Choose a small one if you are new to anal sex or if you are a more discerning customer invest in a huge and thick one. Popular and enduring through time, anal dildos are a favorite sex toy. Everyone benefits from using at least one anal dildo. You’ll love the intense sensations.

Double Dildo

Versatile double dildos are useful for much more than only anal sex. Women use them on themselves, using one end vaginally and the other end anally. Stuffed from end to end and it feels incredible! Share your double dildo with your partner by inserting both ends into your vagina and your partner’s anus or slip both ends into your anuses. Now you know what we mean by versatile! Lots of combinations and then some! Double dildos are made of a wide variety of materials including jelly rubber and silicone. They are also very long and extremely flexible. Enjoy partnered sex or solo sex with a double dildo, one of the most enjoyable and versatile sex toys in existence.

Final Thoughts On Anal Sex Toys

Make sure you thoroughly clean your anal sex toy, especially between uses. Definitely clean it with a sex toys cleaner before using it with your partner after you are done with it. Also use plenty of anal lubricant with your anal sex toy. Since the anus and rectum don’t lubricate on their own they need a little help from a good anal lube when engaging in anal sex, so using lubricant is extremely important. Anal lubricant prevents tearing and chafing of your anus and rectum. Unwanted pain won’t make anal sex enjoyable. You will enjoy years of pleasurable anal sex if you keep your anal sex toys clean and use lots of lube. Since anal sex play is so incredibly wonderful, you’ll want to engage in it as often as possible!