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Best Penis Enlargement Guide

Best Penis Enlargement Guide

Pro’s and Con’s of all Penis Enlargement Products explained

When it comes to penis enlargers, customers have difficulty knowing which web sites or shops to trust. A tip is to avoid web sites or shops that sell only one product because that’s all they have to hype and sell. We sell all well-known penis enlargement products so that you may compare like the discerning customer you are. We write honest and unbiased summaries describing all the pros and cons associated with the penis enlargement products described below.

Penis Extenders / aka Penis Stretchers

How do they work?

Penis Extenders work on a traction system tested and proven over hundreds of years. If you stretch any skin on your body, the cells inside multiply and therefore the skin grows. That’s it in a nutshell.

Positive: There’s little work involved, you may wear the device when and where you want (such as while sleeping or sitting at home watching movies on the telly), and Penis Extenders give permanent, long term enlargement.

Negative: A tad more expensive than your average penis enlargement product but worth the money. A tad uncomfortable at first but that soon goes away.

Verdict: This is a penis enlargement system that has been proven to work. If you seek permanent penis enlargement without surgery, this is the system for you. An initial investment of about (£100) and patience on your part is required – and soon rewarded.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

How do they work?

Penis Pumps draw blood into your penis, enlarging it.

Positive: Ideal for treating erectile dysfunction. Fast results in only twenty minutes. Perfect for short term enlargement. Since Penis Pumps train your penis to hold more blood they assist long term penis enlargement over time and with regular use.

Negative: There aren’t many negatives. A Penis Pump does require a bit of time and work on your part (regarding the pumping), more so than using a penis extender.

Verdict: If you are seeking short or long term penis enlargement then a Penis Pump is for you. Pumps are much cheaper than extenders but you do have to put some manual pumping effort into it. If you have the time and desire than a penis pump may work for you.

Penis Extension Sleeves

How do they work?

Penis Extension Sleeves, otherwise known as Cock Sleeves, add an extra layer of material around your shaft, making it wider. Some Cock Sleeves include extra material at the front to make your penis longer.

Positive: These babies are cheap and they work instantly. Put it on and voila! Your penis is wider and/or longer.
Negative: The enlargement dissipates once you remove the cock sleeve.

Verdict: If you suffer from erectile dysfunction a penis sleeve may work for you. They are also cheap and quick solutions to penis enlargement. The only negative is that the effect is not permanent.

Strap On Penis Extenders

How do they work?

Strap on extenders are similar to cock sleeves. They add an extra layer around the penis, making it wider. It also adds length to the front of the penis.

Positive: Works instantly, giving immediate length and width around the penis. Stronger and more solid when compared to a cock sleeve. Straps around your body hold the extender in place.

Negative: Short term rather than permanent penis enlargement.
Verdict: Inexpensive and instant answer to penis enlargement, although the effect is not permanent. Also ideal for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pills

How do they work?

The natural ingredients in penis pills are designed to increase penile tissue and to increase the capacity of the paired cylinders inside the penis known as the corpora cavernosa.

Positive: No effort on your part aside of swallowing them. Safe and easy to use.

 None really, except that you need patience to see them work. This is especially the case in that there is no effort on your part such as surgery, stretching or pumping.

Verdict: Tests have shown that penis pills give men harder, longer-lasting, and bigger erections. Some men taking them have more intense orgasms and increased drive and stamina. You’ll get even better results when used in tandem with pumps or extenders.

Penis Creams

How do they work?

Apply the cream to the outside of the penis. They increase blood flow to the penis and provide additional stimulation, resulting in an increased penis size and harder, bigger erections.

Positive: Easy to use. Fast results. Very safe.

Negative: Although they may assist in long term growth if used regularly they give you no permanent penis enlargement.

Verdict: Penis creams are inexpensive and safe to use. They are wonderful for promoting penis growth and they provide for strong, firm erections. When used together with a pump or extender the penis enlargement results are outstanding.