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Fleshlight Guide

Fleshlight Guide- What Is A Fleshlight and Which One Is Right For Me?

The most popular and best selling male masturbator in the world, you can find a Fleshlight in millions of homes and sex shops around the globe. Combining an incredibly realistic feeling material (‘Real Feel SuperSkin’) with stimulating internal textures and a discreet hard outer casing, the Fleshlight has revolutionised the male masturbator market.

Discreet, portable and with a huge variety of different textures and realistic orifices, the Fleshlight has firmly cemented itself as the premium male masturbator.

So perhaps you’re brand new to the world of Fleshlight; with so many models out there it can be overwhelming to work out which one is best for you so our handy guide will talk you through your options. Let’s get started!


Fleshlight Classic and Vibro

The Fleshlight trailblazer and original model. Popular for a reason, this top quality toy paved the way for the multitude of different Fleshlight versions that have appeared over the years. The realistic vagina, mouth or butt orifice leads to your choice of a smooth, tight internal canal or a ribbed texture depending on your tastes. 9 inches long, the original Fleshlight will fully accommodate most sizes of manhood with ease so you really get the benefit of the realistic penetration experience. Also available as a ‘Vibro’ model which has removable vibrating bullets for enhanced pleasure.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Designed to help improve stamina and prolong the time before ejaculation, the Fleshlight training unit contains a super stimulating texture that deliberately causes you to climax faster- the idea is that you train yourself to hold back! Or don’t hold back. The stamina unit is also perfect for those times where you just need a quick release.


Fleshlight Flight/Go/Quickshot

Fleshlight’s three most discreet and portable options.

  • The Flight has a much more stylised design and non-anatomical entry so it won’t look out of place amongst cosmetic bottles on your shelf.
  • Fleshlight ‘Go’ is 17% smaller than the full sized version for extra discretion but has the same stimulating texture and realistic orifices as usual.
  • Fleshlight Quickshot is much shorter and portable than usual with a unique two-ended design that you can completely penetrate so you control exactly how and where the texture stimulates you.


Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack

Moulded directly from the intimate areas of famous porn stars, Fleshlight Girls offer the ultimate in fantasy-indulgence. There’s a huge range of girls to choose from and most of them have specially created mouth, vagina and butt orifices so you can pick exactly the toy that tickles your fancy.  Some of the porn stars even have their own special inner textures that makes the experience even more unique.

Designed with the gay market in mind, Fleshjack masturbators are modelled on some of the hottest gay porn stars in the world. Boasting the same high quality inner textures and tight anal and mouth orifices, Fleshjack masturbators are ideal for gay men but are also perfect for any fan of Fleshlight.


Sex In A Can

Showing Fleshlight’s fun side, the Sex In A Can range is exactly what the name suggests- a realistic feeling Fleshlight inner sleeve but inside a novelty can case! A range of different racy ‘beer’ designs and inner textures are available, plus the Sex In A Can is slightly smaller than the classic model for improved portability and discretion.



So that seems like a lot of choice, which Fleshlight is best for me?

Well, that depends what you’re after from your new toy. The entire Fleshlight range offers an intense masturbation experience so you can’t go wrong with any of their toys in terms of pleasure. However, if you’re looking for something small and discreet the Quickshot or Fleshlight Go are your best option as they’ve been deliberately designed to be handy for travel. The Fleshlight Flight also has a sleeker, slimmer hard case if you’re after a more discreet option that could even look at home next to your cosmetics bottles.

If you want to improve your performance in the bedroom, the Stamina Training Unit is designed to be highly stimulating so it encourages a faster orgasm that you’ll then need to try and hold back. The more you keep yourself on the edge of ejaculation, the longer you’ll be able to last during intercourse. Practice makes perfect!


Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack models are perfect for indulging any porn star fantasies you might be harbouring while Sex In A Can is a perfect stag night present or gag gift for a mate. Is price important to you? All our Fleshlights are available at great prices and if you find it cheaper anywhere else, we’ll match the price!