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G-Spot Sex Toy Guide

G-Spot Sex Toy Guide

It’s become the paragon of female pleasure; but how do you find your g-spot and how should you stimulate yourself to a squirting orgasm?

Technically the g-spot is located around 1 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall and feels slightly different to the rest of you as it’s raised or bumpy in texture. Gynaecologists and other researchers still can’t agree for definite that all women have a g-spot, but a sufficient number of women report phenomenal orgasms from stimulating this area so it’s worth looking for, right? The best way to hunt for it is to use your fingers or get your partner to insert a couple of fingers inside you (with their palm facing up) and make a ‘come hither’ beckoning motion. As their fingers curl they should be able to feel this raised bumpy area inside your vagina; don’t forget it may be slightly higher or lower than expected or even off to one side. Does it feel good? Do you feel a bit like you need to pee? Do you think you could orgasm from prolonged stimulation of the area? Is the bumpy section getting gradually more swollen as it is stimulated?

Congratulations, you’ve found your g-spot.


G-Spot Orgasms and Squirting:

Once you’ve located it, by massaging your g-spot in a rhythmic motion you should start to notice that you feel the need to pee quite a lot. Don’t worry; as long as you’ve been to the toilet beforehand, you won’t. Sometimes the feeling will go away and lead to a mind blowing orgasm, or sometimes you’ll feel the need to push out with your pelvic floor and you’ll ejaculate. Maybe. Some women ejaculate (or ‘squirt’) really easily and some can have the same orgasm but never produce any fluid. The important thing to remember is that although there is still discussion as to what exactly makes up the fluid produced, the liquid expelled when a woman ejaculates is not urine. If you want to try to squirt though, you (or your partner) should stimulate your g-spot until you feel the urge to pee. Instead of clenching your pelvic floor muscles, push them out and you should ejaculate but if you don’t; don’t worry. The more pressure you put on yourself to ejaculate, the less likely it is to happen. Just relax into the sensation and enjoy the stimulation.


G-Spot Toys:

If you think you’re getting close though, but that mind-blowing g-spot orgasm just out of reach then there are tons of toys that can help you tip over the edge and give your fingers a rest. Lelo’s Gigi is specially designed to deliver strong vibrations directly to the area where your g-spot is lurking, helping you to not only find it once and for all but find out what stimulation you like the best. It’s rechargeable too so even if you spend hours and hours getting to know your g-spot you’ll never have to nick the batteries out of the tv remote. If you want to try something hands-free, then the Extreme Dream Massager and Stimulator rubs all the right places (clit, g-spot and vaginal stimulation all at the same time) and has even been voted by some as better than the classic rabbit. The whole thing is made of soft and flexible silicone so it will move and flex as you do for the perfect stimulation every time.

Happy hunting!