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Male Masturbator Guide

Male Masturbator Guide

Masturbator Sleeves

A Masturbator sleeve is a type of male masturbator which doesn’t have a hard outer casing, giving you full control over grip and pressure. Masturbator sleeves are often small and affordable making them a great choice for your first male masturbator.

Pocket pussies are a type of masturbator sleeve which are compact, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. These toys are designed to provide and experience much like sex with a woman, with a realistic looking vagina and skin-like feel.

A Tenga egg is a unique masturbation experience like no other. The novel design allows a man of any size to slip inside a soft and super stretchy sleeve, enjoy the inner textures and experience an orgasm like never before. The Tenga egg is discreet and non-anatomical so you needn’t worry about anyone finding your toy.

Masturbator Cups

Masturbator cups like the Deep Throat Onacup from Tenga provide a new take on male masturbators. These toys are non-anatomical and colourless with a futuristic design for a much more discreet self-love experience. Tenga masturbators have very carefully designed inner caverns with ridges, bumps and nodules to provide an unmatchable sensation.

The Flip Hope Masturbator from Tenga is a revolutionary male toy. It’s discreet, simple to use and will provide you with a truly mind-blow masturbation experience. The device features a one hand control-pad so you can direct the pressure and intensity, much like you would with a masturbation sleeve. This toy looks like a cool men’s gadget and won’t look out of place in your bedroom.

Vibrating Masturbators

Getting hold of a vibrating masturbator can really add that extra level of satisfaction to your masturbation experience. Using a vibrating toy when pleasuring yourself will introduce new realms of delight and take you to the edge with the unique stimulation. Using a vibrating masturbator can provide a feeling unlike that which you’d get from penetrative sex with a partner, so trying out one of these toys could be just the thrill you’ve been waiting for.

High Quality Masturbators

Fleshlights and Fleshjacks are high quality male masturbators; made from ‘real feel super skin’ the Fleshlight may be the closest toy to the real deal on the market. A Fleshlight can feature a mouth, vagina or anus, and both the surface aesthetics and the inner channels are specially designed to look and feel like the specified orifice.

Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys are designed to be exact replicas of popular porn stars so that you can join in the fun when watching your favourite movies. With the supreme quality of materials and the outward aesthetic perfection, the Fleshlight really is a supreme male sex toy.

Realistic Vaginas

If you’re a very visual man, a realistic vagina may provide you with the most satisfying sexual experience. Realistic vaginas are designed to be as close to actual sex as possible, with very fine visual detailing and a realistic material. These vaginas feature true-to-life labia, clitoris and a tight entry hole, with some variations including a realistic anus and pubic hair.

If you really enjoy the image of penetrating a vagina then a toy like this is just right for you. You can also get realistic vaginas which vibrate, providing an added sensation which you wouldn’t get from sex with a woman.

Unique Masturbators

There are a variety of new and innovative male masturbators available if you feel that a traditional masturbator is not for you. The Monkey Spanker is a vibrating toy which features a tight entry hole for enhanced masturbation without and life-like features.

The VerSpanken Masturbator is a totally unique device which from its appearance does not look like a sex toy, more a brightly coloured gadget; but the VerSpanken Masturbator can be used in a variety of creative ways to satisfy your every desire.