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Men’s Sex Toy Guide

Men’s Sex Toy Guide

This guide will help you choose the men’s sex toys that are perfect for you, since there are so many wonderful toys to choose from you may be a bit overwhelmed. Take care of all your sexual needs with sex toys that are versatile and have variety. This guide will help you round out your sex toys collection.

Popular men’s sex toys include the following: cock rings, penis pumps, ball stretchers, realistic vaginas and vibrating vaginas, male masturbators, and sex dolls. This guide will describe each type of sex toy in vivid detail and it will let you know the fun in store for you with each type of men’s sex toy.

Cock Rings

Cock rings enable men to have harder and more sensitive erections by restricting blood flow out of the penis. Because of that design, he will be able to stay harder for a longer period of time. Some cock rings include clit bumpers to give her added stimulation. Other cock rings are festooned with bumps to give both partners extra stimulation. Steel cock rings have weight that feels good and they look simply smashing. Rubber cock rings move with your penis as it grows. Cock rings look great and they feel even better. Stylish and functional, they provide additional stimulation by retaining blood in the penis, making it harder and more sensitive. Every man should have several cock rings in his sex toy collection. Men also combine using cock rings with penis pumps.


Penis Pumps

While penis pumps help men with erectile difficulties, they are also wonderful for increasing the size and sensitivity of your erections. They’re easy to use. Just insert your penis into the chamber and create the suction with the manual or motorized pump until you get the vacuum perfect for you. The pumping creates suction around your penis, drawling blood into it and making it harder and more sensitive. Try using a penis pump with cock rings. The effect is fabulous. Some penis pumps include pussy inserts that make the pumping experience much more fun. Vibrating penis pumps add their own joy to the pumping experience. Every man should have at least one penis pump in his sex toy arsenal.



Ball Stretching

Men these days simply are NUTS about ball stretching! You get incredible sexual pleasure from the temporary or permanent scrotum stretching. All you need do is use the specially designed leather or metal rings to stretch your scrotum lower than it normally hangs. Some men enjoy ball stretching because it makes their penises look bigger. Others like to see their balls hanging low and yet more like the feel of the stretcher tugging away at them. The weight appeals to other men. Types of ball stretchers include ball weights, parachute ball stretchers, ball stretchers with hooks, giraffe ball stretchers, steel ball stretchers, and leather ball stretchers.


Realistic Vaginas And Vibrating Vaginas

Realistic vaginas and vibrating vaginas are for men who want something more realistic than a palm-sized male masturbator. You can really wrap your hands around one of these babies. If you like it hard, fast, and intense with deep and hard pumping action, you need a realistic vagina or vibrating vagina. As you run your hands around it and caress it you’ll be surprised how realistic it feels. It’s soft and supple, like real flesh, which is no accident since many of these vaginas are made out of materials so realistic you’ll swear you’re caressing real human skin. Realistic vaginas have tight and sometimes ribbed openings that hold you firmly but softly, stroking you gently. Enjoy the vibrations if you want an even more arousing experience. The realism is amazing! Use the sex toy in any position you like – on your side, face down on your stomach, on your back, you choose the position. Enjoy arousing climaxes with your realistic vagina and vibrating vagina. This is one of the best men’s sex toys out there.


Male Masturbators

So you don’t own a male masturbator? What’s stopping you? And why stop at one? Buy several! Male masturbators are small; they fit in your palm. They are the perfect travel companions. Sex toys aren’t only for women, you know. Men adore them! A male masturbator is tight and ribbed on the inside, feeling quite a bit like a real vagina. You’ll love the slick softness as you thrust in and out of it. If you want an even more erotic experience choose a vibrating male masturbator. Every man should have several male masturbators in his sex toy collection.


Sex Dolls

Sex dolls range from being used for person pleasure or as party gags. Choose from female dolls, male dolls, and even animal-shaped dolls created for giggles. If you’ve ever been to a stag or hen party you’ve likely seen one of these blow-up dolls somewhere in the vicinity. Cheaper sex dolls appear at college parties, bachelor parties, and anniversary parties. Women have been known to bring them to hen parties. The painted faces and simplistic bodies bring on the snickers and they deflate easily so that you may store them in a small place. So you want to be the party’s center of attention? Bring a sex doll. If you would like a sex doll for your personal erotic use, you need a more expensive doll with a mannequin head and seamless body. These dolls, unlike the cheap ones, are more realistic. They have two or sometimes three working holes and they have knee and elbow joints.

So much to love, huh? There are many ways to entice your joy with men’s sex toys. If you want cock rings or a penis pump, or a blow up doll to take to a stag party or for your own use, you’ll find everything you need right here on this web site. You get incredibly realistic vaginas and vibrating vaginas as well as spiffy male masturbators. Add several to your sex toys collection and enjoy your newly ramped up sexuality! The world is yours to conquer with men’s sex toys!