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Penis Pump Guide

Penis Pump Guide

Benefits of Penis Pumping

So you are a man who wants to improve his penis size. Why not invest in a penis pump or penis enlargement pump? A penis pump is a cylinder that fits snugly over the shaft of your penis. Use the hand pump or motorized pump to create suction in the penis pump to draw blood into your penis. This suction makes your penis larger, more sensitive, and harder.

Get the length and width you want by regularly using your penis pump. After only twenty minutes of pumping you will be astounded by the results you see. Penis pumps are designed for short-term use.

If you have erectile dysfunction you will benefit from using penis pumps or penis enlargement pumps. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reports that more than 18 million men suffer from erectile difficulties, which is one out of every five men who are either unable or find it difficult to get an erection. For men with erectile difficulties, a penis pump draws much-needed blood into the penis, causing it to become erect and swell. To prevent blood flow from leaving your penis while having penetrative sex, keep the constrictive band in place at the base of your penis.

Penis pumps with pussy inserts are popular with men who have erectile dysfunction and with men who want harder erections. Some penis pumps vibrate, adding exciting sensations as your penis hardens. Obviously some men prefer vibrating penis pumps because they feel so good. The pussy insert is soft and flexible, feeling like a real woman. The vibrations are only a wonderful benefit. When you use penis pumps and penis enlargement pump you’ll have intense orgasms and strong, powerful erections.

Penis pumps made the news in the U. S. when a judge was sentenced to four years in prison and he was ordered to pay a fine after being convicted of using a penis pump in court, exposing himself beneath his robes during jury trials. A court reporter heard whooshing sounds during trials and it turned out to be the judge using his penis pump. Wonders never cease.

How To Use A Penis Pump

It’s easy as pie to use a penis pump. Just side your penis into the pump’s cylinder and then use the hand pump or motorized pump to create a vacuum suction. The penis pump creates a vacuum suction around your penis, drawing blood into it as you pump. As your penis fills with blood it becomes longer, harder, thicker, and more sensitive. Pump carefully and don’t overdo it since you don’t want to damage your sensitive penis. Leave the penis pump in place for no more than twenty minutes. Also be careful that you don’t accidentally draw your scrotum into the penis pump. That would not be good! To enhance the experience, using cock rings at the base of your shaft before pumping to keep the blood flow in your penis – plus it’s just fun and sexy to use cock ring.

How To Create A Good Seal When Using A Penis Pump

Add some lubricant to the base of the chamber where it touches the skin and the lube will help to create a good seal for your penis pump. Make sure the pump has a sleeve at the base to seal the vacuum since you don’t want to lose pressure as you pump. Keep your pubic hair out of the pump’s chamber.

Why Use A Cock Ring With A Penis Pump?

Cock rings operate in a similar manner to penis pumps in that they prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. When you use a cock ring whilst using a penis pump you’ll increase your likelihood of having a strong, hard, and erect penis. Once you have finished with the pump, keep your cock ring on and enjoy penetrative sex with your fantastic, hard and sensitive penis. The cock ring assists the penis pump in the job it is doing to ensure blood flow doesn’t leave your penis.

Benefits Of Vibrating Penis Pumps

Whilst penis pumps are great to use on their own as this guide has shown, but vibrating penis pumps enhance your experience by adding their own luscious vibrations to the suction you get from pumping. You’ll love the feeling of the vibrations but in addition they promote blood flow to your penis, giving you a longer, harder, and more erect penis. Men with erectile difficulties only benefit from vibrating penis pumps because the vibrations and suction enhance blood flow to the penis. Get a vibrating penis pump with a pussy insert since the insert is soft and pliant like a real pussy. It’s very realistic and it makes a great masturbation device.