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Prostate Massage Guide

Prostate Massage Guide

Why Prostate Massage

Men should not feel left out simply because women have their G-spots. Men have their own hot sex zone called their prostate gland, which is also known as the “male G-spot” and P-spot. The prostate gland is shaped and sized like a walnut, and it’s found adjacent tot he anterior rectal wall underneath the bladder. The prostate is very important for male orgasm in that fluids collected in the prostate are released during orgasm. Men would love prostate massage if they crave rock hard erections and phenomenal orgasms.

To inspect for prostate cancer and to check your prostate excretions under a microscope, your doctor may give you prostate massage. Some doctors also use prostate massage to treat an inflammation of the prostate called prostatitis, although this practice has fallen out of favour since the 1970s.

There are many good reasons to engage in prostate massage when it comes to sexual excitement. Below are examples:

* You may experience more rocking orgasms and stiffer erections with prostate massage.

* A man may feel a more open to his partner and ecstatic while being held in this very vulnerable position. He is in her care and he gives himself in to her, which is very sexually arousing and encouraging.

* A good bit of the penis is inside the body so entice the base of the penis as well as the prostate with prostate massage.

* To give prostate massage you must enter the very sensitive anus so you manipulate the anus in addition to the prostate gland.

* This practice in known as “Sacred Spot Massage” in Tantric philosophy. Prostate massage is said to release lots of physical and emotional stress. A man’s sexual centre is his prostate gland in Tantric philosophy. Prostate massage with penis manipulation is not only very exciting it’s also very healing for the man undergoing it.

* Prostate milking is a second type of prostate massage. It is the BDSM practice of releasing semen via prostate massage but not through ejaculating or through orgasm. People who enjoy “erotic sexual denial”, a bondage practice, enjoy prostate massage due to the excitement of not permitting ejaculation and orgasm.

How To Prostate Massage

Choose a comfortable position when you attempt prostate massage the first time. You may face each other or face away from the person massaging you. Be very gentle when doing prostate massage. Apply the amount of pressure you would when rubbing your eyeball. Make sure you rub on the lobes on either side of the prostate, not down the middle.

* Face To Face:

Since you look at each other, this position gives you greater intimacy. The person receiving prostate massage lies on his side with his legs up. The giver first massages his partner’s legs and bum to help him relax. Once he’s relaxed, lube up a finger or an anal sex toy and massage the lube around his anus. Then with gentleness and moving slowly, slide the finger or sex toy inside the anus. Stroke gently in circular motions, all the while moving inside deeper and deeper. Feel the sphincter muscles contract and relax, pulling the finger or anal sex toy deeper inside. To find the prostate gland, hook the finger up and feel for a walnut-sized ball about two inches inside the rectum. If you’re using a prostate massager there’s no need to search since these sex toys are designed to find the prostate if properly inserted. Gently apply pressure to the lobes, not the center. Soon your partner will feel prostate arousal. He’ll feel a need to ejaculate. Maintain eye contact during all of this because you’ll strengthen your emotional bond through trust, making the prostate massage experience more pleasant and exciting for both of you. Engage in prostate massage whilst stroking his penis or using a sex toy and you’ll be in Ecstatic Heaven in no time.

* Facing Away:

While some enjoy facing each other during prostate massage, others enjoy facing away. Use the same directions as Face To Face. The receiver kneels with knees spread apart and bum high in the air. Apply lubricant to your finger or an anal sex toy, and follow the above directions.

Anal Toys Suitable For Prostate Massage

You’ll enjoy sex toys that are designed specifically for prostate massage. These massagers are curved at the tip to hunt down your prostate to give you the most incredible massage. Some prostate massagers also provide perineum and testicle massage and stimulation. Your perineum is otherwise known as your “taint” and it’s right between your anus and testicles. This area is very sensitive and it feels wonderful when it’s massaged. Vibrating prostate massagers give you incredible vibrations to enjoy while undergoing prostate massage. You may want to try a butt plug that is curved at the tip to find and massage your prostate gland. Most of these sex toys have rings at the end for easy removal so that you don’t lose the prostate massager in your rectum.

There are many ways to enjoy prostate massage. With or without vibrations. With or without taint massage. The possibilities are endless and you will enjoy stupendous orgasms through prostate massage. Always use lots of anal lubricant when using anal sex toys. Your anus doesn’t lubricate naturally and the lube will help prevent anal damage. Plus the lube feels great! Slide some lubricant around your anus and on your anal sex toy before trying prostate massage. Above all, have fun!