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Sex Swing Guide

Sex Swing Guide

How Will A Sex Swing Improve My Sex Life?

You will enjoy many benefits when you use a sex swing. If you are overweight and sex feels uncomfortable, you will feel weightless using a sex swing which will make sex all the more pleasant. Sex swings take pressure from your joints so if you have suffered joint injury, the sex swing will make sex a more comfortable experience.

Your sex swing comes to you mostly pre-assembled. There’s no need to worry about complicated and annoying instructions. Sex swings are also completely adjustable with straps that may be set to fit any weight and body type. Sex swings are also inexpensive, which you’ll love. You won’t burn a hole in your wallet buying one. A sex swing is quite the bargain!

Sex swings are made of high quality comfortable and very sturdy materials. They make many positions much easier such as finding a woman’s G-spot, which improves her partner’s standing as a good lover. Since sex swings are discreet all you need to do in an emergency (such as when mom is coming over!) remove the swing from the eyelet screw and store it in a safely hidden place. Hang a wind chime on the screw and no one will be the wiser.

Your sex swing is so wonderful you may enjoy it with a partner or all by yourself. Try unusual or difficult positions using your sex swing because it opens up a world of untold possibilities and sexual excitement! Difficult positions become a breeze and your back and knees will enjoy the relaxation. Sex swings make sex effortless so you may concentrate on your sexual enjoyment – and your partner’s.

Sex swings open a world for you of increased mobility, little exertion, weightlessness, variety, versatility, comfort and best of all – fun! All you need to enjoy a cracking sexual experience is a wonderful sex swing.

Positions Possible With A Sex Swing

The possibilities when it comes to positions on a sex swing are endless! Below are a few, but feel free to let your imagination run wild and invent more.

* Woman sits in the swing and man stands in front of her. During intercourse he moves her back and forth along his cock.

* Man sits in a chair. Woman sits in the swing directly above him facing in either direction. He lowers and raises her over his cock.

* Woman sits in the swing face down with her legs spread wide apart while the man moves in and out of her from behind. Enjoy the weightlessness and the rocking!

* Hook the swing over your bed and have the man lie down on the bed. She sits in the swing whilst he moves her over his cock.

* With her knees raised to her chest the woman sits in the swing. He stands in front of her and move his cock in and out of her pussy whilst he moves her back and forth sitting in the sex swing.

* Woman is suspended with her knees raised on her back in the swing. As he stands before her, the man moves in and out of her anus or pussy.

* Woman sits in swing over man who is lying in bed. He spins her over his head a complete 360 degrees.

* While she sits face down in the “doggie style” position the man enters her for rear entry or anal sex.

* Oral sex – the man sits in the swing and the woman holds his thighs, moving him forward and backward while she gives his cock oral pleasure.

* Oral sex – One partner is prone on the bed whilst the other is in the sex swing positioned over the other partner’s face for oral pleasure.

* Oral “69” sex – While one partner lies on the bed, the other is in the swing overhead with genitals facing the partner’s mouth. Both give each other oral pleasure and it’s very enjoyable due to the weightlessness.

* Oral sex – Lean backwards with your feet in the stirrups whilst holding onto the straps on the side to balance yourself. Your partner then gives you oral sex in this position.

* Masturbating – During masturbation use the stirrups to keep your feet and legs apart.

* Masturbation – Bounce up and down on your insertable sex toys while sitting on the sex swing. Use the swing’s spring to do this.

* Masturbation – Attach your favorite suction cup vibrator or dildo to the wall and use the sex swing to move back and forth on it.

* Masturbation – You won’t experience a sore back or knees when you use dildo attachments especially designed for use on sex swings. Enjoy your dildos and vibes in nearly completely weightlessness!