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Women’s Sex Toy Guide

Women’s Sex Toy Guide

When venturing into the exciting world of sex toys, it may seem a bit overwhelming – or even intimidating at times. With so much choice and so many different products available, where do you start? Clitoral vibrators, g-spot stimulators, anal toys, nipple clamps… confused? Well brace yourself; here is Bondara’s ultimate guide to women’s sex toys!


Let’s start with the clitoris

When you had your first orgasm, chances are it was a result of clitoral stimulation. A woman’s clitoris is highly sensitive with thousands of nerve endings and stimulation in this area is the easiest way for a woman to reach climax.

Some toys are designed solely to stimulate the clitoris, such as toys which replicate a tongue, or very small bullet vibrators. A basic toy such like this could be an ideal way to begin experimenting with a vibrator, but if you’d like to combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration, then you may like to try the world famous Rabbit Vibrator.

Rabbit Vibrators gained popularity on the US television show “Sex and the City”, and have been a favourite toy for women ever since. Available in many different variations, the main features of a Rabbit Vibrator are an insertable shaft for virginal stimulation, and a vibrating rabbit for amazing clitoral stimulation. If we were to recommend any toy to a first timer, honesty, we’d recommend the Rabbit!

Toys which stimulate the G-spot

The G-spot, if stimulated correctly, can produce an orgasm so powerful that some women even ejaculate! This mysterious spot can be located 1 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall, and is slightly bumpy in texture. It might be pretty hard to locate, but if you’re lucky enough to find it then it’ll be like you’ve struck gold!

Toys designed to stimulate your G-spot will usually have a curved end, and are often made from an inflexible material for firm application of pressure. Some women find it best to use a glass dildo when stimulating the G-spot as glass is a strong, hard material. You can get G-spot toys which vibrate and even toys which simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris for mind-blowing orgasms.

Toys for perfect penetration

A dildo may be the perfect toy for you if you love the feeling of penetration, just as you’d experience with a man – a feeling which you can’t replicate with your fingers alone. Dildos are available in a very wide variety of textures; silicone, jelly rubber, glass, solid rubber, metal and various different plastics… so it may be a case of just trying a few to discover what you like the most.

If you’re a visual person, or love the feel of an actual penis inside you, then a realistic dildo may be the best option for you. Made from a “real feel” material and detailed with veins, nodules and balls, a realistic dildo can provide you with the perfect penetrative experience.

If however you find a realistic dildo to be a little intimidating or not the right toy for your toy drawer, dildos are available in so many different styles such as brightly coloured and non anatomical. Some glass dildos are so pretty you could even display them on your mantelpiece.

What about love eggs?

Naughty and discreet, love eggs are a fun choice if you’re looking for a new and exciting toy. You simply insert a love egg into you vaginal and enjoy the internal stimulations – though the egg can also be used on your clitoris and around other erogenous zones.

Remote control love eggs can be even more fun, as your partner can be in control of your pleasure. Even if you’re enjoying a love egg as a solo toy, you can pop it in before going to the supermarket with the remote control in your handbag for secret stimulation… just don’t drop your shopping basket!

Experimenting with anal toys

The anus is neglected by a lot of women as it’s seen as taboo or ‘dirty’ – but you’d be missing out on hours of pleasure! As an area which contains many nerve endings, combining regular masturbation with a cheeky finger or a butt plug will really heighten your pleasure and give you a very intense orgasm.

Maybe you should try slipping in some anal beads whilst having sex with your partner, or adding a butt plug to solo masturbation – don’t be shy, you might really like it.

Let’s not forget nipples

Some women aren’t into nipple play, where as others can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone! If you don’t know whether or not you enjoy having your nipples stimulated during sex or masturbation, then you should definitely be trying it.

Using nipple clamps could really heighten your sexual experience by adding a new and intense sensation. Some nipple clamps also vibrate or feature hanging weights for an even more extreme feeling. Nipple suckers may even be an option for you as they make your nipples more erect and more sensitive for a highly erotic experience.